Richard Scott (1840 - 1924? ) & Eliza Glazier (1840 - 1930?)

Richard was the third oldest known son of William Scott and Mary Hyder. He had two older brothers and one younger brother who survived childhood. FreeBMD has a Q3 1840 birth of a Richard Scott in Medway which includes Chatham and this will be his record, although it is unconfirmed by examination of the birth registration. We know little of him other than what can be gleaned from census records.

1841 Census

1841 census

In this census we see Richard as a nine month old infant. Since the census was taken on 6 June 1841 this implies a birth during the period 6 August - 5 September 1840. This is in accord with the FreeBMD listing mentioned above which was registered in the 3rd quarter of 1940. We see that his three older siblings ranging in age up to 8 years are living in the household but that the father is missing in this household record from the census.

1851 Census

1851 census


Richard is living at home with his older brother John ( a carpenter's apprentice -- carpentry was the generational trade on his mother's side) and older sister Mary Ann (listed as being 'at home'). The younger brother George is also living with the family and Richard and George are students.

1861 census

1861 census


We see that Richard, at age 21,  is now a boarder and a plumber. His parents by this time are living in Woking.

1871 census

1871 census


Richard is now married with two children, the oldest of whom is 5. He is now an assistant warder at the Woking prison, an occupation he likely has held since before he was married in 1865. Richard's father had been a principal warder at the prison in 1871 and it is likely that Richard obtained his position as a result of that connection. The address of the accommodation is 14 Main Street.

census 1881

1881 census


The family is probably living in the same house, but the address is now 14 Prison Street. Richard is now a warder, having been promoted from assistant warder. The daughter Alice is not living with them (she can be found staying with her grandparents, by which we learn the maiden name of her mother.

census 1891


census 1901

1901 census


We are missing the 1891 census results at this time. We know that in the early 1870s Richard became a warder. By 1901 we see that he is a retired warder. If he served for 25 years he would have retired in the late 1990s. We know that by 1996 he would have been about 55 which would also be a likely retirement age. It is interesting to see that in retirement Richard and Eliza have moved to Rochester in Kent near his birthplace but an area that he does not appear to have lived in during his adult life.

There is a death of a Richard Scott in Medway (which includes Rochester) in the first quarter of 1924 and another death of an Eliza Scott in Medway in the 4th quarter of 1930. These seem to be the only deaths which would match Richard and Eliza if they indeed stayed in Rochester after 1901.

1911 Census

1911 census

We find Richard and Eliza alive in 1911 living at 44 Cecil Road in Rochester, Kent, the same address they had 10 years earlier. This home has 6 rooms which makes it a fairly substantial dwelling. From this listing we also see that they have had two children in their 46 years of marriage and that both those children are alive. We have traced the son William Thomas Scott at this time but do not have a trace on the daughter Alice Mary.

Marriage and Family

We are fortunate in being able to locate Richard's daughter, Alice,  in the 1881 census residing with her grandparents. From this we learn the maiden name of Richard's wife (Glazier). FreeBMD lists a marriage in volume 2, page 87 in Guildford, of Eliza Glazier in the second quarter of 1865. The same page has the name of Richard Scott and so we can be fairly confident, without seeing the registration certificate, that this their marriage.

Richard was the son of William who at various times was a sailor, painter and eventually a prison principal warder. He was born in Chatham, Kent grew up in Portsmouth, spent most of his working career (after at least some time as a plumber) as a prison warder in Woking. He eventually retired from the prison service and lived at least some of his later life in Rochester, Kent. His wife Eliza was born in Midhurst, Sussex and by the age of 21 she was a housemaid in the household of the Governor of the H,M. Prison at Knaphill, Woking, Surrey, twenty miles or so north of her birthplace. It is not clear how she would have come to this position, but clearly she would have easily met a new prison warder of her age when he arrived at Woking sometime in the early 1860s.

Richard and Eliza had the following family:

Date of Birth
Birth location
Married to
Date of marriage
Alice Mary
10 MAR 1866 (IGI)
Woking, Surrey
6 May 1866,
St. John the Baptist
Woking, Surrey (IGI)
dressmaker's apprentice in 1881

William Thomas
Q4 1867 (FreeBMD)
12 NOV 1867  (IGI)
Woking, Surrey 5 Jan 1868,
St. John the Baptist
Woking, Surrey (IGI)

Helen Anna M. Woolway
Q3 1892

In 1881 we find Alice Mary living with or visiting her grandparents at the age of 15 with occupation listed as apprentice dressmaker. She does not appear in the 1891 census under that name and we have been unsuccessful in finding a marriage for her. We learn that she is still living in 1911 but do not yet know where she is.

It would appear that William Thomas was given the names of his two grandfathers.

There is a death of a Richard Scott in Medway (which includes Rochester) in the first quarter of 1924 and another death of an Eliza Scott in Medway in the 4th quarter of 1930. These seem to be the only deaths which would match Richard and Eliza if they indeed stayed in Rochester after 1901.

Research required:

  1. obtain birth registrations for all four known family members
  2. obtain marriage registration for Richard and Eliza
  3. obtain 1891 census record for Richard and Eliza
  4. obtain copies of original christening records for Alice Mary and William Thomas
Note: A search in the census of 1911 reveals another couple Richard and Elizabeth Scott living in Gillingham, Kent who are of the same age. It will be important to ensure that records retrieved from various searches do not relate to this other couple.


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