Charles Slape(1788-1852) and Sarah Martin(1790-?)


Charles Slape was born in Norfolk about 1788[1]. Sarah was born about 1790 in Bosham, Sussex[1].


Charles and Sarah were married on 13 December 1811 at St, Thomas Church in Old Portsmouth. The marriage entry is signed by Charles and Sarah made her mark.

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Sarah and Charles had at least 11 children all of whom were baptised at St. Thomas Church. All of the children were born in what is

Children of Charles Slape and Sarah Martin[2]

Name Date of Birth in Portsmouth Date of Baptism at St.Thomas Church Married to Date of Death Place of Death
Amelia   June 30, 1837      
Eliza   December 25, 1819   1822 Portsmouth
Louise   January 28, 1818      
Mary Anne   Mar 1, 1816   1816 Portsmouth
Sarah   December 14, 1828      
Mary Anne   January 14, 1820      
Charles Thomas 1814 August 16, 1814 Elizabeth after 1881  
George Thomas January 1822 January 30, 1822 Sarah Good 1870 Portsmouth
William Robert 1824 May 16, 1824      
Eliza   October 13, 1825      

Census Returns

The Slape family show up in the 1841 census in lower part of the the right hand side of the following page:

1841 census

The entry shows Charles and Sarah with five of their children. This census did not record the place of birth but did record whether or not the person was born  in the county (Hampshire). This census shows all of the family as being born in Hampshire and we note that this is at variance with the 1851 census. [note: to find this entry in the listings of the 1841 census you will need to search for Charles Sleepe]

The entry has a couple of interesting aspects. Firstly the address for the family is the Sally Port in Portsmouth. While much of Portsmouth was destroyed during WWII bombing the buildings covered on these pages of the census still exist. The next interesting thing is to note that of the children George, aged 18 is living with the family. The next entry is for the the Good family, listing Eliz. Good and two daughters, Emma and Sarah. Now this Sarah Good is the one that married George Slape in 1856. The following photo shows Tower Lane in 2002.

Tower Lane

The 1851 census finds Charles and Sarah living at 11 Messum's Court. They have two unmarried, older sons, George and William, living at home with them. All of the men are listed as being mariners. Here we see that both Charles and Sarah are identified as having been born out of the county, Charles in Norfolk with the county of Hants apparently crossed out, and Sarah coming from Bosham in Suffolk county. Although we have not been able to find a link to Charles in Norfolk it would seem that we are more likely to pursue his roots there than in Hampshire.

1851 census


Charles died on 27 August 1852 at the age of 63. He was buried at St. Thomas Church.

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There is a death of a Sarah Slape in Portsmouth in the last quarter of 1872. That Sarah Slape is said to be 91 at the time of death, which would make the birth year about 1881, approximately 10 years before
the birth of our Sarah. This is likely the actual death of our Sarah and reflects an error in the death registration. It will be necessary to check the registration record to look for the location of death and any
other information which would confirm or refute this hypothesis.


[1] census of England, 1841, 1851
[2] Parish Records,  St. Thomas Church

Research Required:

[1] obtain further details on the children of Charles and Sarah and on their own lives


[1] Derek Slape for this information on Charles and Sarah which is taken from his notes.
[2] Denise Slapp in Australia for providing the link to the 1841 census listing.

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