Milbourn, John (1821? - 1899?) and Hughes, Anne (1833? - 1896)

John Milbourn and his wife Anne Hughes
These photographs from an album of Elsie Maud Melbourne Scott, their granddaughter, was probably taken in the late 1870s or early 1880s

Early Life of John Milbourn

Early Life of Anne Hughes

The Family of John and Anne

Rather incredibly we have all of the birth dates of the children of the family -- we even have the time of birth -- from a list that was found in Anne's dresser after she died:

List of children and time and date of birth
List of some children's deaths

This information is included in the table below which provides some addional data on the children
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Married to
Date/Place of Marriage

July 10th, 1852

Sarah Ann April 23rd, 1854

April 24th, 1856

Anne March 9th, 1858

Edward (Edwin) April 4th, 1860
Polly Elizabeth Strange

Martyr June 7, 1862

Willie Oct 4, 1864

Ernest Oct 4, 1864
Emily Morgan
22 December 1888

Harriet April 22, 1868 Oct 20, 1868

Arthur April 13th, 1870

Bertha Sept 14th, 1871

Nov 6 1872 July 7, 1873
Ada May 10, 1874

Ellen July 17, 1875 August 29, 1875

The Life of John and Anne

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