Sarah Ella Miles (1898 - ?) and John Vaughan (abt. 1882-?)

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The birth of Sarah Ella Miles was registered in the fourth quarter of 1898 in the Pontypridd Registration District.

Birth Registration of Sarah Ella Miles


John was born about 1882

Birth Registration of John Vaughan


John Vaughan was married at least once before he married Sarah Ella. On June 24, 1902 he married Jane Rees at the Registry office in Potypridd. In the landing record for the family in Canada (see below) we learn of the following children by this previous marriage.

Children of John Vaughan and his first wife[1]

Name Date of birth Date/Place of Birth Married to Date of Death Place of Death
David John



May 7, 1919

August 1921



Sarah Ella Miles and John Vaughan were married October 16, 1920 in Llanwanno. That may be the registration sub-district as opposed to the actual church in Llanwanno, although Blodwin describes a wedding from Mountain Ash that appears to have been at the Llanwanno church.

There were at least seven children born in the years between 1921 and 1923. These are listed in the table below.

Children of Sarah Ella Miles and John Vaughan[1]

Name Date of birth Date/Place of Birth Married to Date of Death Place of Death
1921? Mountain Ash
Victor Dale

1923? Mountain Ash Jack MacMillan

1924? Mountain Ash Kenneth Wilkinson

1928? Mountain Ash Robert Waterhouse

David John
1 September 1929
Mary Susanne Clark

1933? Toronto Grace

1934? Toronto Deana Johnson

Census Returns


1901 census of the Edmund Miles and Lucy Ann (Thomas) Miles family


1911 census of the Edmund Miles and Lucy Ann (Thomas) Miles family

This entry in the 1911 census is interesting in that Sarah Ella Miles, though initially listed, is crossed out. By this time Sarah Ella had moved in with the Jarvis family and appears with them as an adopted daughter.We see this in the following entry for that family.

1911 census of the Samuel Jarvis family

In this family entry we see that Samuel and Ann(ie?) Jarvis habe been married for 23 years but have no children other than an 'adopted' daughter, Sarah Ella Miles. There are also two boarders living with the family in Penrhiwceiber, which is less than a mile from Mountain Ash, towards Abercynon. Samuel is a Colliery Repairer which was a somewhat higher level position than a miner. Although the census states that Ella is an adopted daughter, that was never a formal adoption in the current and legal sense of the word.

Ella's younger sister Blodwin wrote this about the arrangement:

"Sarah Ella who went to live permanently with a neighbour of her step sister. Ella was eight and did most of the work of the home, comprising of Me. and Mrs. Jarvis an English couple from Bristol England & two borders. She resided there from age eight to age nineteen. She did not seem like a sister, although they said, she visited my mother every day after school. My mother I believe was very sorry she ever let her go there. Ella attended an English church, the rest of the children when to the Welsh church."

Married Life

Emigration to Canada

In 1926 the Vaughan family emigrated from Wales to Canada, settling in Toronto. The following is an image of the landing record for the ship Regina which lists the family.

This landing record shows the seven children (four by a previous marriage) that accompanied John and Ella on their trip to Canada. We see that the passage was paid by "Empire Sett.", a program for immigrants to Canada that I need to research.

Death and Burial


[1]  The registration district is Pontypridd; The registration subdistrict is Llanwanno and the event probably was in Mountain Ash
[2]  FreeBMD website. This website gives online access to the birth, marriage and death registrations in the U.K. These registrations are indexed by quarter from 1837 onwards. Not all records yet appear on the site.
[3]  Information provided by a family member or registration document.
[4]  Photograph by great grandson Kenneth Scott in 2008.
[5]  IGI of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (available at
[6]  Copy of obituary notice provided by granddaughter Mary Northover


Many members of the Miles family have contributed to this compilation. In addition the FreeBMD, the, and websites have provided much data.

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