Thomas Miles (c1805 - bef 1852)

At present we have very little knowledge of this Thomas Miles. He is mentioned as the father of Thomas Miles b. 1830 in the first marriage registration of the latter, where he it is indicated that he is a deceased collier.

Since Thomas b. 1830 was named after his father we can reasonably assume that he was a first son. There might have been older sisters and there might have been previous son(s) named Thomas who died in infancy. If not, assuming that the older Thomas was about 25 at the time of the latter's birth would give us a birth year of about 1805.

The challenge will be to find more information on this older Thomas who might appear in the 1841 and/or 1851 census results.

Research Required:

1. Obtain any records of his birth, marriage or death.

2. Obtain any census records for this Thomas and his family


[1]  David Vaughan of Berkshire, England; his great uncle John Vaughan married Ella, daughter of Edmund Miles b. 1854 for providing the marriage record for Thomas born 1830 in which this Thomas is documented

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