Miles Family History Project

Update Log

4 July 2008
Added  Page for Morgan Thomas
5 July 2008
Updated Descendant Tree
6 July 2008
Updated Intro page; added first draft of page for Hannah Miles, added first draft of page for Morgan John Miles
30 July 2008
Added Obit for Lucy (from Mary Northover)
5 July 2009
Revised descendant tree for Thomas Miles b. 1830, adding details for Theophilus line and correcting other items
6 July 2009 Added draft of Theophilus Miles & Martha Jane Willliams biography
9 July 2009
Added biography for Martha May Miles and Charles Morgan
13 July 2009
Added marriage record to Thomas Miles and birth record to Edmund Miles
14 July 2009
Added page for Thomas Miles born about 1805 and updated descendent tree to start with him.
22 Nov 2009
Added page for Isabella Seamen announcing her birth
4 May 2010
Updated descendant tree adding one generation back and other additions and corrections
21 June 2012
Added template page for Sarah Ella Miles and John Vaughan
22 June 2012
updated main study page and this page