St. Mary's Church, Portsea

St. Mary's Portsea. the parish in which many of the rites of our ancestors' lives were performed, is an old parish going as far back as 1170, a year in which the Bishop of Winchester happened to be a granson of William the Conqueror. A Founder's Deed of Gift from than year records a 'Church of Portsea'.

A St. Mary's church was built in the 12th century. This building served the parish until 1843. It was the church that Moses Good and his wife Elizabeth (Brown) christened the last four of their children. There were likely family funerals and marriages in this church within the Good family. This building was a low, short  building with a red tiled roof set with dormer windows. At the west end was a square tower, and inside was a gallery and uncomfortable high box pews, with flaps ofr the poor on their doors.

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The old church of St. Mary's dating back to the 12 century


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Interior view of the old church of St. Mary's


In 1843 the second St. Mayr's was erected to serve the rapidly growing parish. It was built at a cost of 5,000 and it was to have a short life. It was poorly designed and inadequate for the still growing population.

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The second T. Mary's Church (1843 - 1889)

The second St. Mary's church was demolished and replaced in 1889 by the present structure.



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The present St. Marys' Church bult in 1889