A List of Hulks used by the Convict Service in the 19th Century

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Scenes from a Prison Hulk in 1846

Scene 1: A Gallery and a Convict Ward

Scene 2: A Wash House and a Chapel


1809 - at the mouth of the Medina, Cowes, Isle of Wight


1829 at Chatham as a hospital hulk; she had earlier been a convict hulk


1816 - A captured French vessel she was hulked and made moored at Sheerness as a prison hulk for boys


1847 - at Portsmouth


1809 - at the mouth of the Medina, Cowes, Isle of Wight


1828 -- at Woolwich (this was the ship that Captain Cook used on his voyage to the South Seas)


Chatham - On Oct 16, 1829 she caught fire in the night. She housed 650 - 700 prisoners, Captain George Lloyd. Reported in the London Times. Suspected arson


At Woolwich 1838 - 1848


3rd Rate 74 gun ship, 1,707bm, 172long  with a  48 ft. beam. She was launched at Chatham Dock Yard 9.10.1790. After serving in the fleet during the Napoleonic wars she was hulked as a convict ship 10.1816: She later became a target 10.1846. She is known to have been a convict hulk at Portsmouth at least as early as 1820 and into the 1830's; possibly she was so used from 1816 through 1846. Sources: "Ships of the Royal Navy" by J.J. Colledge, published 1969.


1829 -- at Sheerness (Medway)
at Woolwich, mentioned in a book written by James H.Vaux -- 600 prisoners -- a 32 gun frigate.


1847 - Hospital Ship Portsmouth


1847  -- at Portsmouth


1847 -- at Woolwich


1847 -- at Portsmouth


Medway (Chatham) -- the first hulk there in 1810


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The Medway Convict Hulks

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