Sightseeing in Ottawa


Merritt had never been to Ottawa before so we did some siteseeing with her. (These photographs have been reduced in size for this website -- full size versions are available on request).

Date(s): 25-26 August, 2002

Location(s): Ottawa, Canada

Source(s): photographs by Kenneth Scott unless otherwise noted

Merritt, Christine and Vaughan in front of Dad's place in Ottawa

at Nate's
Dad usually takes the family to Nate's for breakfast -- somehow he missed this chance but we stopped for a photo anyway

In the Market
Merritt in the center of the photo followed by Vaughan in Ottawa's downtown marketplace. I remember lugging Vaughan on my back when we shopped here most weekends 25 or so years ago.

The American Embassy
Vaughan and Merritt with the American Embassy to their right and the top of the Art Museum visible behind them. Merritt wanted to see where her tax money was going

Adrian and Merritt on top of a tank at the War Museum. Merritt wanted to see the museum. Vaughan does not drive tanks, he said

Adrian is into Armour
Aren't you glad he's on our side?

Flight Sergeant Adrian
Vaughan walks away in disbelief

Enjoying himself
Adrian was really having fun

Ken and Adrian

Adrian and Vaughan
Vaughan is pretending he doesn't know these people

Christine joins the game

Who's taller?
Adrian wishes

With the Parliament Buildings in the background

Dad and Branca
A 'must see' on an Ottawa sighteeing tour
Source: photograph by Meritt Collins

at the Air Museum
Ken and Vaughan in front of a CF-104. Many years ago Ken used to work on this museum piece when it was a front line fighter
Source: photograph by Meritt Collins

Vaughan and Adrian
in front of Granddad's house
Source: photograph by Meritt Collins

at the Air Museum

Source: photograph by Meritt Collins

at the war museum

Source: photograph by Meritt Collins