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E-Day: The Engagement

Merritt Collins has accepted a proposal of marriage from Vaughan Scott. This page is designed to provide some information for those attending the event, to assist in making preparations to celebrate this lovely event.

In Palm Springs CA, on 24 March, Vaughan proposed to Merritt with the (highly original) words "Will you marry me?" Merritt's immediate response was "WHAT?!?" After consideration she amended this to "Are you SERIOUS?" to which Vaughan responded, "You heard me!" so Merritt reconsidered and replied, "Yes…but…WHAT?!"

Merritt recalls: "It was March 24th, in a Mexican restaurant in Palm Springs, CA. Call me the most unromantic woman alive, but I don't remember its name. Vaughan might still have the receipt. There are no photos from the actual engagement, but I have others from earlier that same day. Notice the bandanna on my hand? I’d cut my hand in two places while rock-climbing, so when Vaughan reached for my bandaged hand at dinner, and used my middle name, I thought for sure he was going to admonish me for being careless while climbing. I was totally unprepared for a marriage proposal. It wasn’t like I was waiting for one; we’d never really talked about it."

Vaughan says: "IIRC, the restaurant was Las Casuelas Nuevas. I do have the rec't... will have to look it up..."

There were no photos taken at the restaurant but the following two were taken earlier in the day

MonEday.jpg (92202 bytes)

VonEday.jpg (94315 bytes)

Merritt, pre-engagement photo by Karen Neilson

Vaughan, pre-engagement photo by Merritt Collins

V-Day (Christine and Ken visit Detroit)

Christine and I visited Detroit on 6-8 June to meet with Vaughan and Merritt and also to meet Merritt's mother, Karen and her husband David Neilson and also Merritt's stepmother Laura Collins. We had a lovely weekend including dinner on Saturday evening at the Bayview Yacht Club  which will be the site of  Vaughan and Merritt's wedding and reception. It is a lovely spot on the Detroit River looking across to Windsor, Ontario. Merritt's father, Michael Collins, was a longtime member of the club and Merritt spent a lot of time there as a teenager.

P1010019a.jpg (33134 bytes)

P1001021a.jpg (38702 bytes)

Merritt and Vaughan on the waterfront at the Yacht Club Karen (Merritt's mother) and David Neilson (Merritt's step-father), Vaughan, Merritt and Laura Collins (Merritt's step-mother)

(photos by Christine Scott)

Shower 1: 8 June

Merritt's aunt/Godmother Christine English and grandmother Marie Krause held a wedding shower for Merritt at the Detroit Golf Club.

Ctable@shower.jpg (42037 bytes)

Mtable@shower2.jpg (52079 bytes)

Christine Scott sits with Karen Neilson's relatives and friends at the shower at DGC. The two women on the left persuaded Vaughan to open his eyes and start dating Merritt; the two on either side of Merritt are two of her four honor attendants.

(photos by Karen Neilson)

Shower 2

Vaughan's Aunt Joan (Seabrook, nee Hart), Christine's sister, is having a shower for Merritt in London, Ontario on Saturday, 23 August.

W-Day minus 1

On the evening of the 3rd, we will host a dinner for the wedding party and out-of-town guests attending the wedding. This will be held at the Red Run Golf Club at (I'm guessing here) 7:00 p.m.

Accommodations in Detroit

We have scouted out two possible places to spend the night in Detroit -- actually in Troy. These locations are 3.5 miles along a straight road from the Red Run Golf Club where we will have the rehearsal dinner the night before. The two motels are next to each other. They are:

Holiday Inn

This Holiday Inn is located at 2537 Rochester Court at the I-75 in Troy, Michigan

We have negotiated a room rate of $59 per night (about half the list price). This rate will hold as long as rooms are available. The earlier we book, the more likely we are to be roomed in the same area of the motel. While they have a pool it is expected that it will be closed by October 4 . . .:)  If you call to make reservations state that you are with the Collins/Scott Wedding or use the code "CSW" to receive the special rate. The phone number is 1-800-HOLIDAY or 1-248-689-7500.

If you have a particular reason for not wanting to stay at a Holiday Inn, you could try the

Red Roof Inn

Right next to the Holiday Inn is a Red Roof Inn at 2350 Rochester Road in Troy. We were not able to get a special rate from them. Their pricing ranges from $49.99 up for one person with an additional charge of $6.00 per additional person. Their phone number is 248-689-4391 or 800-733-7663

(maps and restaurant list to be added in here when I get my scanner working again)

The Wedding Day

The wedding will be at the Bayview Yacht Club at 12:30.  Judge Susan Bieke Neilson, 3rdJudicial Circuit Court of Michigan, sister of Merritt's step father David, will officiate. A reception will follow at the club immediately after the ceremony.


Merritt is registered at:


Marshall Field's

Crate and Barrel

Pottery Barn

Silverware 'Hannah Hull' by Tuttle

Special Thanks

To David and Karen Neilson and to Laura Collins for their help in making these arrangements.