Packham Family Bible

A Packham family Bible has survived. This Bible contains a number of pages which record family information as well as a few unlabelled photographs. Judging by the contents we can reasonably conclude that it was the family Bible of Frederick Packham and his wife Mary A. Colby. It appears that they had only one child who died as an infant. The Bible was passed on to a family friend and in that family has passed down to the current owners of the Bible.


[1] A page that records the marriage of Frederick Packham and Mary A. Colby, 13 May 1870, Holy Trinity Church, Toronto. These appear to have been the original owners of this Bible.
[2] A second page recording the marriage of Frederick and Mary. We know from other sources that Frederick was about and Mary 16 at the time of the wedding.
[3] A page recording the births of three family members. These people are Frederick and his parents, Charles Packham and Elizabeth Ann (Hyder) Packham. It is interesting that Mary's parents' births are not recorded.
[4] A page recording the death of Frederick Thomas Packham, age 3 months and 12 days, on July 25, 1871. Frederick Thomas was the infant son of Frederick and Mary
[5] A page of family records recording the deaths of Elizabeth Ann Packham and Thomas Colby. Elizabeth Ann was the mother of Frederick and Thomas the father of Mary. It is interesting that the deaths of Charles Packham and Mary's mother are not recorded.


[1] an image of the Bible.
[2] unidentified older male, believed to be Charles Packham
[3] unidentified older woman, believed to be Elizabeth Ann (Hyder) Packham.
[4] unidentified younger woman believed to be Mary A. Colby
[5] unidentified middle aged woman believed to be mother of Mary A. Colby.
[6] unidentified male
[7] unidentified male
[8] unidentified male

Notes: at least one of [6], [7], [8] will be a photograph of Frederick. All photographs except [7] were taken in Toronto. {7] was taken in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


The images of these pages were provided by Bill Harrison present owner of the Packham family Bible.

This document is 'in progress'. Any errors are mine. Contributions to this account of the Packham Bible would be much appreciated.

ŠKenneth Scott and others

last modified 9 December 2001