Isabella Seamen

with several generations of her maternal line

This page is published in celebration of the birth of Isabella Seamen, on 7 September 2009 in Darwin, Australia. She is a direct descendant of Edmund (1843 - 1923) and Lucy Ann (Thomas) Miles (1860 - 1929). This gives a pictorial presentation of Isabella's maternal lineage through seven generations.

(Note: In case you have difficulty following Isabella's maternal line through seven generations, there is a line drawing presentation at the bottom of the page)

lauren and luke and isabella

Isabella Seamen with her parents Luke and Lauren

Lyn, Chloe and Lauren

Chloe Angharad Morgan (left) and Lauren May Morgan (right) with their mother Lynda Margaret Skinner

Phyllism Margaret and Lynda

This three generation photo has Isabella's grandmother Lynda Margaret Skinner (center), Isabella's great grandmother Margaret Elizabeth Saunders (right) and Isabella's great great grandmother Phyllis May Morgan (left)  c. 1960. Lynda (now known as Lyn) is Lauren and Chloe's mother. (In case you are confused, Phyllis' father Charles Morgan is not a known relation of Lauren's father Clifford Morgan)

{hyl and Marg

Isabella's great grandmother Margaret (Saunders) Skinner and Isabella's great great grandmother Phyllis Morgan (1917 - 1985) c. 1940. In later years, Phyllis had three other children, half-siblings of Margaret. Margaret is mother of Lynda (Lyn) and her brother Paul.


Phyllis May Morgan (1917 - 1985) with her older brother Charles and younger brother Morgan c. 1920

Martha May Miles

Martha May (Miles) Morgan (1896 - 1926) c. 1916. May is the mother of Phyllis and her two brothers and great great great grandmother of Isabella, Martha May Miles was always known by the name May.


Lucy Ann Thomas (~1868 -- 1930), mother of Martha May Miles. Lucy had 12 children (see her biographical link for details)
Lucy Ann is a great great great great grandmother of Isabella

Lucy Ann's mother was Margaret Vaughan of whom we know little and who died before 1881.

In summary:

Isabella Seamen --> Lauren Morgan --> Lynda Skinner --> Margaret Saunders --> Phyllis Morgan --> Martha May Miles --> Lucy Ann Thomas --> Margaret Vaughan