U.K. Prisons in the 19th Century

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My great-great grandfather, some of his brothers, and his father were all prison warders in the 'Convict Service' during the 19th century. These pages contain some information related to the prisons of the 18th century, particularly those in which they served, as well as information on the life of prison warders and some information on the convicts they supervised.

List of Prisons in England during the 19th Century

A Brief History of Prisons during the 19th Century

Lists of Prison Warders and Prisoners in the 1881 Census

Prison Statistics from the 1851 Census

Parkhurst Prison: Article from the 1847 Illustrated London News

A Prisoner Records his Experience on a  Hulk While Awaiting Transport

Hulks in the Prison Service

A Prison Warder's Career (biographical information on William Scott, b. 1833)

Aspects of Criminal Law in the 18th Century

Research Materials on British Prisons in the 19th Century


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